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Creating Global Links


CMT Global is a future value oriented global company.


We offer the best price and service competitiveness with a perfect network of partners in more than 40 countries around the world.

We work closely with the world’s leading airlines and forwarding partners to provide the most flexible services for our customer’s cargo, whether it be general cargo, exhibition cargo, refrigerated cargo, or other special cargo.


Seamless collaboration with the world’s leading shipping companies and forwarding partners to offer the most competitive prices and services

We do our best to provide the most flexible services adjusted to your needs and requests.


We operate an integrated system that controls exports, imports, and management tasks.

Our integrated system runs so that we can fully support our customers in various ways such as Sea & Air Transportation, Accounting, Overseas Settlement, Logistics Information, EDI etc.

Domestic and Overseas Exhibition Logistics & Events

Specialized manual for exhibits packaging and transportation services

We take special care of the exhibition business, as we understand the involvement of valuable items that range from general cargo to priceless artworks. We utilize a separate packaging team and provide special vibration-free vehicles when necessary, as it is crucial for us to safely transport these items under any circumstances. We also provide local installation and coordination services for overseas exhibitions.