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Ethical Management

CMT Global Co., Ltd. implements a dynamic corporate culture, and strives to be a trusted company
by providing distinguished products and services to meet the various needs of our customers.
We do our best for the satisfaction of our customers while maintaining fair
and transparent ethical management to serve the common good.

Ethical Management Practices

All executives and employees must complete Ethics Training and agree to the company’s Code of Ethics. Company Ethics Guidelines state clear procedures for handling violations so that anyone can easily and safely report violators. Reporters are thoroughly protected.

Our Ethics Guidelines include contents related to fair performance of duties and prohibition of receiving unfair profits. These include the provision or receiving of any economic benefits such as money, real estate, entertainment and hospitality, amenities, future guarantees etc.

We are conducting Anti-Corruption Training every year to prevent corruption and bribery. We have developed an internal whistleblowing system for filing anonymous reports, which is available to all executives and employees. We have not witnessed a single case of corruption or bribery to this date.

We operate an internal whistleblowing system following our ethical guidelines. All forms of unfair activities including that of all internal and external stakeholders are to be reported. We institutionally guarantee that unfair activities can be reported.

Where to report : Compliance Officer, Address: 4F KwangLim Building,
435 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Dongdaemum-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Zip Code) 02586

Compliance Policy

Employees are committed to practicing the company's Code of Ethics
as the standard for proper decision-making and moral judgment.

  • 01

    We respect all executives and employees and do not treat each other unfairly. Opportunities are provided according to each employee’s abilities, and rewards are offered after fair evaluation is conducted. We maintain a non-discriminatory organizational culture.

  • 02

    We do not misuse position or relationships to engage in acts that are beyond what is appropriate for business. We do not engage in acts that cause physical or mental pain, or deteriorate the working environment.

  • 03

    We comply with all regulations concerned with the company's ethical management policy to ensure that our goals are realized.

  • 04

    We should not seek or accept unreasonable bribery or favored treatment, and we do not perform unfair acts of hospitality.

  • 05

    We use our autonomy and creativity to maintain the dignity of the company.

  • 06

    We do our best to protect intellectual property rights.

  • 07

    We do not engage in any unfair trade, and we must immediately report to a manager when another employee is found engaging in acts of unfair trade or corruption.

  • 08

    We strive to be a trusted, first-rate company by sharing proper corporate values, and practicing upright management.

  • 09

    We respect the diversity among executives and employees, and we comply with basic ethics through organic cooperation.

  • 10

    We do not use confidential information of partners and clients for personal purposes.

  • 11

    We aim for a win-win relationship with cooperative firms through fair trade.

  • 12

    We protect the company's property and keep it confidential.

Whistleblowing Report Processing Procedure